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The ZOLA Experience is the essence of the process of grief, as well as the essence of life. “Zola” is a word of African origin that means “to love.”Moving past the intensity of loss, not becoming or remaining “stuck,” is a true testament of Love. Love of self as well as the love of the “lost love object” that is no longer there.


The “lost love object “ can be anything from loss of a loved one, job/career, loss of health, relationship, body image, a pet, etc. The ZOLA Experience is designed to support folks on their journey of recovery from loss.


The ZOLA Experience A Journey of Recovery From Loss, and the ZOLA Healing Circle A 7- Session Wellness Experience that is the core of The ZOLA Experience, is most impactful as a group/community experience. There’s not an individual, group, or culture that has not been impacted by loss. I believe it is my Divine Mission to share this proven healing intervention with the world. “The ZOLA Experience moves you from loss to love”.

Katurah A Bryant, LMFT
The ZOLA Experience A Journey of Recovery From Loss is available on Amazon/books

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