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ZOLA wellness experience


A 7- session Wellness  Experience. 

The ZOLA Wellness Experience allows an opportunity to lend voice and validation to the human experience of "loss". As we say in ZOLA, your "lost love object"© can be any number of things, (a loved one, housing and/ or food insecurity, innocence, health, a dream deferred, etc) reflective of the reality of "loss as a part of life". It is how we process these experiences that allows one to move forward in their life.

The ZOLA Wellness Experience offers this opportunity by creating a safe and inclusive space.
ZOLA Wellness Experience 
are facilitated by ZOLA Ambassador Facilitators who have completed the ZOLA Experience Ambassador Faciilator Certificate Training program.

ZOLA Wellness Experience Currently Available: 

  • ZOLA experience

  • ZYA'dult's experience 

  • ZMen's experience 

  • ZWomen's experience

If you have a specific group and /or focus, we can assess to accommodate your group's request


“This was the most powerful, supportive experience I have ever been a part of.”

“I have undergone depression, anxiety, and many more disorders, this experience has helped me find ways to handle stress and deal with all underlying issues.”

— Mark

“I've found a lot of love for this group, and now I care and crave to spread more of that love with little to no fear. This group has reminded me to protect my energy as I walk with my heart on my sleeve, and that vulnerability does not equate to weakness, but strength. Thank you for all your time and kind, healing words.”

“This is adding a different perspective that I can carry forward..”

— Regina


— Nikki

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